Northcutt An Integral Part Of Browns’ Offense
November 21, 2002

Dennis Northcutt has found an opening and brought his NFL career all the way back, in a manner similar to one of his dazzling punt returns.

Northcutt was a longshot to make the Cleveland Browns' roster this summer following two seasons filled with injuries, dropped passes and muffed punts.

Now it's hard to imagine where the Browns would be without him.

Northcutt, who is used exclusively on passing downs, has become Cleveland's most versatile and dangerous offensive weapon. When the Browns need a big play, he usually gives them one with a few head fakes, zigs, zags and cutbacks.

Entering Sunday's game against New Orleans, Northcutt has 34 catches for 511 yards and five touchdowns. He is also the AFC's second-leading punt returner, averaging 16.1 yards per return, with two touchdowns.

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