Police Donít Believe Motherís Account Of Twins Deaths
November 21, 2002

A woman charged in the deaths of her newborn twins told police she delivered the babies alone and awoke days later to find them dead in her bed.

Police in Alliance say 35-year-old Felicia Jennings told them she bagged her sons' bodies and gave the trash bag to a garbage man.

But Lieutenant Scott Griffith says police don't believe that's what happened.

Jennings is charged with two counts each of reckless homicide, endangering children and abuse of a corpse.

A preliminary hearing has been set for Monday.

Griffith says police found bloody blankets, towels and a blood-soaked mattress in Jennings' duplex.

Police say Jennings has been in the Stark County Jail since Friday for failing to pay fines on a disorderly conduct conviction.

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