Regional final games begin Friday night, with the division II, IV and VI games. Divisions I, III and V games will be played on Saturday.

Columbus -- -- Hundreds of Ohioans want to honor our veterans, by resisting war with Iraq. Thatís the message 16 groups from across the state tried to spread through a peace rally on the statehouse lawn in Columbus Saturday afternoon.
by ONN News Staff

Columbus -- As the drum beat for war with Iraq grows louder, people on both sides of the question here in Ohio begin to line up.
by Dan Weist, Ohio News Network

Beginning December 1, American Electric Power, FirstEnergy and Monongahela Power Company will be able to charge new homeowners up to $375 for connecting new homes to the power grids. Additionally, the companies can charge those consumers a monthly surcharge for the service.
by Tom Chansky, Ohio News Network

Random interviews of consumers around the state indicate that people are being more careful about how many holiday gifts they're buying and how much they're spending.

Senate Republicans plan to push through as many of Bush's judicial nominees as possible next year, and even to revive some that the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee voted down this year.

Ohio Chief Justice Thomas Moyer says the ads have insulted the voters and injured the judiciary.

The second round of football playoffs begins Friday.

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