Saturday, 11/23/02

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Northeast : Cleveland
Cleveland Researchers To Begin Testing Smallpox Vaccine
If results of the study are favorable, millions of immune-compromised individuals could be vaccinated against smallpox.

Northeast : Cleveland
Study: Blood Filters Can Make Angioplasty Safer
Doctors have found that using a tiny filter to trap material in neck arteries before it floats to the brain can make it safer to use balloon angioplasty in the main blood vessels to the brain. The testing was led by the Cleveland Clinic.

Northeast : Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic Takes Over Eye Donor Program
A research collection of about 500 frozen eyeballs has been transferred from Philadelphia to the Cleveland Clinic.

Statewide :
Exercise Can Lessen Impact Of Cholesterol
The study says exercise alters the number and size of the particles that carry cholesterol through the bloodstream.

Southwest : Cincinnati
UC Spending $5 Million To House 19-Ton Magnet
The magnet will let UC researchers see tiny chemical imbalances in the brain and can even map how it processes thoughts and emotions.

Statewide :
Study Finds Heart Failure Survival Rates Improving
The research is the first population-based evidence that people are living longer with the disease.

Global :
Increasing Pace Of Exercise Better Off For The Heart
A new study says a little exercise is good but more is better for preventing heart attacks.

Global :
Report: Heavier Workload For Nurses Increases Risk For Patients
Each additional patient for a nurse raised the risk of the patient's death in 30 days of admission by 7 percent.

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