Columbus --
Groups Want Peace, Not War
November 9, 2002

Hundreds of Ohioans want to honor our veterans, by resisting war with Iraq.

That’s the message 16 groups from across the state tried to spread through a peace rally on the statehouse lawn in Columbus Saturday afternoon.

“The strength of America lies not in her military might, but in her moral strength,” said Alvin Hadley of the Metro Church Council. “America is better at not making war, but making peace.”

Hadley represents a church group with members from seven denominations, all who oppose a military strike.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is also against war.

“Our opposition to the war is to what happened in the original war, to those who suffered and died,” said CAIR executive director Jad Humeidan.

Not all Ohioans agree. Navy Veteran James Finney told ONN Friday he supports the President’s position on Iraq.

“I think if Iraq doesn’t comply with the UN resolution we should do something,” said Finney. “We may have to go in ourselves.”

Peace Rally sponsers included the Committee for Justice in Palestine, the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Ohio, the Ohio Green Party, Veterans for Peace-Ohio Chapter, the Metropolitan Area Church Council, United Methodists for Peace Coalition, Unitarian Universalists Service Committee, Committee to Save the Iraqi People of Dayton, the Student International Forum, the Columbus Free Press, the OSU Campus Green Party and the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition.

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