Bowling Green
Parents Say Over-The-Counter Drug May Have Caused Daughter's Death
November 10, 2002

The mother of a Bowling Green soccer player who collapsed during a game last week says an over-the-counter inhaler might have caused her asthmatic daughter's death.

Wendy Dawley learned from her daughter's roommate that Leslie Dawley used a store-bought Primatene Mist inhaler about an hour before the match.

Leslie Dawley had lost her prescription inhaler. Her mother says Leslie may have made a bad decision to use an over-the-counter version.

Some Bowling Green players say they heard Dawley scream just before she collapsed on Tuesday. The Wood County coroner has not determined a cause of death.

Doctors for the company that makes Primatene Mist say it's meant more for short-term use and people should see a doctor for treatment.

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