Man Jailed For Killing Kitten
November 10, 2002

A 39-year-old Newark man will spend 30 days in jail for killing a kitten in front of its four-year-old owner and forcing the girl to help clean up the animal's blood.

Frederick Brumage the Second, pleaded guilty Saturday to aggravated menacing and cruelty to animals in Licking County Municipal Court.

Brumage also must attend anger-management and mental-health counseling.

Brumage told investigators he was drunk when he visited a neighbor's home Wednesday and became upset when the kitten scratched him.

He burned the cat's paws on a stove burner, then slammed it on the floor with the girl present, according to court records.

He threatened to harm the girl if she told her mother, who was in the shower.

Newark is about 30 miles east of Columbus.

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