Ohio’s Two Freshmen Learning The Ropes Of Congress
November 13, 2002

Democrat Tim Ryan (Niles) and Republican Mike Turner (Dayton) are two of 50 freshman members of Congress beginning to learn the ins and outs of life on Capitol Hill.

They quickly will have to start hiring for district and Washington offices, with annual budgets that average around $1 million.

Republican Congressman Bob Ney, of Saint Clairsville, told the freshmen that there will be, in his words, heart palpitations from the big task laying before you with very little time to do it.

Ney is chairman of the House Administration Committee and co-chairman of a freshman orientation program for the new House members.

Ney says this year's orientation will put more emphasis on security issues in light of September Eleventh and the anthrax scare on Capitol Hill last year.

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