Van Wert
Hundreds Need Assistance From Tornado
November 16, 2002

Hundreds came out to the Van Wert County Fairgrounds Friday to find out what the state and federal governments can do to help after last week's storms.

About $500,000 in federal money was available, but only those who are pregnant or who have dependent children are eligible for $1,500 per person for rent or mortgage payments, food or clothing or utilities.

Two workers at National Door and Trim say they're not eligible for assistance. But that doesn't stop Chris Burkheimer's rent from being due or mean that Michael Saam doesn't have to pay child support.

When Vision Industrial Park in Van Wert, which included National Door and Trim, was leveled by last week's tornadoes, about 600 people lost their jobs. Some were laid off, but some companies may not recover.

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