Girl Returns Home From Hosiptal
November 16, 2002

When 5-year-old Emily Mace was brought to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, she was in a coma.

She went home to Lorain Saturday as a normal little girl.

Emily was playing outside November Eighth when strong winds snapped off a tree branch, which struck her in the head and fractured her skull. Paramedics called for a helicopter to take her to Rainbow, where she was given a CAT scan that revealed two blood clots in her brain. Doctors removed the clots and repaired the fracture during emergency surgery.

Doctor Alan Cohen, who performed the surgery, says it's a happy story. He says that Emily had blood clots on both sides of her brain, which could have easily been fatal.

Her father, Brian, says it's amazing. And he and her mother, Lori, are looking forward to having their little girl back.

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